The Public Listed Companies Transformation Programme (“PLCT Programme”) was launched by Bursa Malaysia Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia”) on 2nd March 2022 to help raise the stature of Corporate Malaysia and increase the attractiveness of public listed companies in Malaysia.[1]

In light of the PLCT Programme, 5 digital guidebooks were developed. This article discusses the 4th guidebook titled “Be Digitally Enabled” (“4th Guidebook”). The 4th Guidebook, consisting of 6 chapters, highlights the opportunities, benefits and imperatives for public listed companies to become digitally enabled and focuses on how public listed companies can derive benefits from the following 4 aspects of being digitally enabled:

Many technological aspects have also been included in Chapter 6 of the 4th Guidebook to illustrate the critical implementation considerations for effective digital enablement. Global and local examples, case studies as well as practice aids have also been included wherever possible to supplement the principles and propositions outlined in the 4th Guidebook to provide a better appreciation of the ‘how-to’ aspects.

What is Digital Enablement?

The term “Digital Enablement” has been widely used in the 4th Guidebook to encapsulate all the interrelated elements of digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation (as elaborated below).

The 4th Guidebook explains that “Digitisation” is the process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one. When this process is leveraged to improve business processes, it is called digitalisation. “Digital Transformation” refers to the societal effect of the digitalisation process.

The 4th Guidebook is accessible via the following link:

A quick tour of the 4th Guidebook was also released by Bursa Malaysia, and is accessible at

Although these guidebooks have been issued by Bursa Malaysia for purposes of driving PLC transformation, nevertheless the guidebooks are in fact good reference materials for all companies regardless of its listing status.

Written by: Tan Tong Fang ([email protected]). Tong Fang is an Associate with the Corporate Department of Messrs Chong + Kheng Hoe. She works closely with our Corporate Partner, Amy Tan ([email protected]).



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