‘Strengthening Stakeholder Management and Investor Relations’ is the third digital Guidebook of the Public Listed Companies Transformation (“PLCT”) Programme, published on 19 August 2022. The objective of the PLCT Programme is to raise the stature of Corporate Malaysia and help increase the attractiveness of investing in public limited companies (“PLCs”) through accelerating its growth strategies and improving its overall performance.

There are 5 digital Guidebooks to the PLCT Programme, which runs through 2025:

Guidebook 3 covers distinct aspects of effective stakeholder management and investor relations as well as crisis communications in engaging the many stakeholder groups. Among the topics discussed are how to develop a robust crisis communication approach, operationalize investor relations, as well as good stakeholder management practices. The emphasis of Guidebook 3 is on the enhancement of the level of engagement and communication approach among PLCs to build trust and confidence with stakeholders.

Stakeholders and shareholders are looking beyond the confines of financial statements to make sound conclusions and decisions on companies, companies must recognise the level of influence each stakeholder has upon them and appreciate that the engagement and communication needs may differ from one stakeholder to another.

The content of Guidebook 3 is intended to be of relevance to companies across different sectors, industries and sizes, in their engagement with stakeholders. Various real-life examples, videos, templates, and case studies with practical ‘how-to’ guides are provided to ensure that PLCs are able to effectively embrace the best practice and understand the investor community.

Guidebook 3 includes video recordings on the expectations from the investor community, accessible via the following links:
Interview with Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
Interview with Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)

The quick tour or full version of the Guidebook 3 can be downloaded via the following links:

Quick Tour of Strengthening Stakeholder Management & Investor Relations Guidebook

Full Version of Strengthening Stakeholder Management & Investor Relations Guidebook


Written by: Zoe Koh ([email protected]), pupil reading in the chambers of Amy Tan ([email protected]). 


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